Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The "War & Empire" Video Documentary

The "War & Empire" Video Documentary
Now available for free on Google Video

Combining engaging visual imagery with commentary and interviews, this revealing 15 minute long video presents an overview of "War & Empire", the groundbreaking exhibition now running at San Francisco’s Meridian Gallery. Participating artist Mark Vallen guides the viewer through the powerful exhibit - where art and social reality converge.

Not Our Children, Not Their Children - Mark Vallen, 2003. Pencil on paper. 20" x 22". Exhibited at the Meridian Gallery

On view in the "War & Empire" video are artworks by Fernando Botero, Sandow Birk, Mark Vallen, Bella Feldman, Guy Colwell, Eric Drooker, William T. Wiley, Mary Hull Webster, Phyllis Plattner, and some 40 other artists. The video includes brief interviews with exhibit curators Anne Brodzky, DeWitt Cheng, and Art Hazelwood, as well as interviews with participating artists. Commentary on socially engaged art is provided by Jack Rasmussen - the Director and Curator of the American University Museum in Washington, D.C., and Peter Selz - Professor Emeritus of Art History at UC Berkeley and a former curator of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. View and download the "War and Empire" video at Google Video:

[ Screen shot from "War and Empire" on Google Video. This image is a detail from one of six large preparatory drawings exhibited at the "War and Empire" show by Los Angeles artist, Sandow Birk. The drawings were used in the production of Birk’s "Depravities of War" print series. Consisting of 15 large-scale woodcuts, the prints are based upon "The Miseries of War", a suite of etchings created by the 17th-century artist Jacques Callot in 1633. Birk is an L.A. based painter and printmaker whose sardonic images of war and violence are inspired reinterpretations of classical works.]

The "War & Empire" exhibit opened at San Francisco's Meridian Gallery on September 4, 2008, and runs until the evening of the U.S. Presidential election - November 4, 2008. For more information, visit the Meridian website.

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