Monday, October 20, 2008

The Outsiders

Steve Lazarides presents The Outsiders

Gallerist Steve Lazarides, who began his career as a car salesman and factory worker in the UK, may very well be the New York art world's sensation of the moment due to his controversial exhibit titled The Outsiders. British artists who have utilized satire in order to explore American iconography dominate the exhibit. The exhibit includes works by Polly Morgan, Jonathan Yeo, and Antony Micallef. Lazarides runs two galleries in the UK and is the agent of Banksy. Rumor has it that Lazarides is seeking a permanent gallery space in New York.

Lazarides utilized a disused space in the Bowery in downtown Manhattan in order to open The Outsiders exhibit late in September. Since that time the show has had more foot traffic than the recent Gilbert & George retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Over twenty thousand people have viewed the exhibit so far-- including Damien Hirst who purchased a portrait of Paris Hilton composed of pornographic images by Jonathan Yeo for $40,000. The Outsiders will come to a close on October 31st.
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