Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peter Doig Retrospective at Schirn Kunsthalle

Hitch Hiker, a 1989-90 painting by Peter Doig on display now at the Schirn Kunsthalle via Tate Modern.

A Peter Doig retrospective is currently on display at Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The exhibition features examples of Doig’s work spanning the last two decades. Included are 130 painted posters, 50 paintings and a few works on paper. The retrospective includes some of Doig’s most celebrated landscapes. This will be the third retrospective for Peter Doig this year. Earlier this year there was a Peter Doig retrospective at the Tate Modern and the Paris Museum of Modern Art. The current Peter Doig retrospective will come to a close on January 4, 2009.

Peter Doig has been very active in the last two decades. In 1993 he won the first prize at the John Moores exhibition with his painting Blotter. This brought public recognition, cemented in 1994, when he was nominated for the Turner Prize. From 1995 to 2000 he was a trustee of the Tate Gallery.

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Peter Doig Retrospective [Schirn Kunsthalle]

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