Tuesday, October 07, 2008

UK’s National Portrait Gallery wants Marc Quinn’s Blood…

Self (1991) by Marc Quinn, via Culture Loves Us

I learned from ArtObserved that the National Portrait Gallery desires Marc Quinn‘s blood-- or should I say ‘Self‘. White Cube Gallery has offered the most recent version of Self to the National Portrait Gallery for £350,000 even though the open market value for the piece is quoted at £1.5 million. The National Portrait Gallery has been able to secure £150,000 in order to acquire the ‘blood head’. Thus, the National Portrait Gallery will need to come up with £200,000 in order to have Marc Quinn’s blood where they want it. Time is short-- they only have until December 31st to finalize the deal.

Self (1991) is considered to be Quinn’s signature piece. One could say that it launched his rise into the upper levels of the art world. For those who don’t know, Self is a frozen sculpture of the artist's head made from 9.5-- though some sources state 10-- pints of his own blood. Quinn secured the raw material-- in this case his own blood-- from his body over a period of 5 months. The original Self was bought by Charles Saatchi in 1991 for a reputed £13,000.

I realize that I’ve been rather harsh to Marc Quinn lately-- ok, maybe really harsh , but his Self is a piece that I actually admire. In my opinion, Self has a universal appeal that a golden statue of a fading cover girl will never have.

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Anonymous said...

I like it too, like Roman death masks. probably becasue it took no skill to produce, outside of technical ones. All casting, which is a craft, not an art, but produced an interesting piece.

his other work was actual sculpting, adn he simply has little talent. Stiff adn awadward, shows not strain or true human flexibility or vitality, no life at all. Guess eh ahd to actualy give of himself to get something good. That should be a lesson, giving always pays off more than taking. He has been trying to follow up on this ever since, a one hit wonder. Its over son, give it up, and go get a job.