Friday, October 31, 2008

Five Reasons to Join myartspace

Five Reasons to Join myartspace

1. It's Free and Unlimited: myartspace is the premier online network for the art world. It's free to join. It allows users to upload unlimited images, music, videos and audio narrations. You can create an unlimited number of galleries to organize your work. No limits. So how does it compare to the competition? We would encourage you to compare yourself:

Saatchi/YourGallery -- You can create one gallery that can contain up to 20 images for free. You can't upload or attach music to your galleries of work. myartspace allows you to organize your work into contemporary Flash galleries. But check out the work at their site and ours. A Saatchi Gallery. A myartspace gallery. You decide.

Or you compare our HTML gallery to look at apples-to-apples. And a lot of our competitors charge money just to be a member. Some let you upload 3 images per month unless you are a paying member. We encourage you to look at the other sites. Make the judgement yourself. At myartspace, we use online advertising and competitions to help offset the costs of building the site. So we can deliver the latest technology and unlimited storage for free to our community.

2. It's Contemporary and Cool: myartspace is hip. It's cool. It's contemporary. It lets artist build contemporary presentations of their works with music, audio narration, video and more. So you can create an experience that's much different than all other online sites for artists. And, if you want, you can take your gallery and "embed" it into other pages (like your profile and bulletins, or your entries).

Some good examples include:

Galleries with music: Amanda Potter, Sarah Maple, Allison Currie
Galleries with narration: Dayton Castleman and Seth Camm
Galleries with video: Derek Ogbourne and Frank de las Mercedes
Galleries in HTML: Todd Burroughs, Paul Mardikian and Viorel George Popescu
e-Catalog in PDF Format: Lois Foley.

3. It takes a community to make it work! myartspace is a community with artists, collectors, curators, art critics, educators, gallery owners, and more. The community has painters, photographers, sculptors, videographers, and everything in between. myartspace has one of the largest collections of online interviews with emerging and established artists. myartspace sponsors all sorts of community events including world-class juried competitions.

In 2006 we sponsored the South of France Competition. Four winners were wisked to the South of France for a week. In 2007 we ran New York, New York -- a 3-week show in Chelsea, New York. Winners from the corners of the earth were flown in and hosted to a gala show opening. In 2008 myartspace sponsored a juried photography competition -- the myartspace/HotShoe International competition AND now the Miami Basel Juried Competition. In 2009 our competition will take us to London, England and Shanghai, China. And in 2010 myartspace will hold its winning global exhibition in Mumbai, India.

4. Wanna Sell your art; We can be your platform: Artists are linking up with collectors and selling their art today through their personal networks on myartspace. In November myartspace will be introducing our solution to art selling -- the New York Art Exchange (nyaxe). It allows artists to set up their own store and list their work. And, of course, the work can contain additional photos, video, and narration. Online galleries will be springing up to sell work using the myartspace platform. And galleries can extend an invitation to you to represent your work in their galleries -- whether online or in Chelsea.

5. And it offers a premium membership for even more! myartspace is a free, open community. But for those artist that want more professional capabilities we offer premium services for artists. Premium subscribers can have their own personal web addresses. They can have HTML and Flash galleries. They can create their own PDF e-Catalogs of their work. They can post news events and press releases, issue eVites to heir exhibitions and upcoming shows and much more. Premium Services is $75 per year. For more information on premium services, click HERE.

So in short, we would love for you to check out our site and see if it works for you. We're proud of our membership and our growth over the past two years. Come check out the premier online social network for the art world.


self taught artist said...

You know, I actually signed up for this but never bothered uploading anything. At the time, the site was new and I believe someone invited me to join up, I have high speed and it took longer than I cared to wait to navigate.
I've started reading your blog, like what you have to say, enjoy the 'energy' and am going to give it another go. I have my doubts quite honestly that a site like this will actually attract joe blow buyer...I'm sorry for being negative, I just feel like these sites are inundated with artists and seen mostly by other artists. I hope I am proven wrong and I know you guys have put tons of work into this site.
good post,you got me :)

self taught artist said...

I just uploaded my pics and info and it was LIGHTENING FAST!