Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Art Blog Buzz

A look into recent entries in the art blogosphere...

Art News Blog
Dion discusses the joy and pain of being an art blogger. Art News Blog also provides more information about the Bill Henson school controversy and gives us an image of Sarah Palin that is a bit over the top .

Edward Winkleman Blog
Winkleman searches for true selflessness in art making by exploring the motives of the street artist known as Poster Boy while hinting at the possibility that Shepard Fairey has sold out to the ruling class’s way of thinking-- meaning that his work is something less than revolutionary now that he is under Obama‘s thumb. The Myartspace Blog has explored this possibility as well.

Art Fag City
Paddy from Art Fag City has been interviewed by Art 21 . AFC also examines the Golden Age of the Met .

Blog of Note:
ARTLURKER is Thomas Hollingworth. Graduating with a BFA from London's Guildhall University in 2003 he has since worked internationally as a freelance writer for artists and dealers of note, and in Miami for institutions such as The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin. A regular contributor to Whitehot Magazine, MAP magazine, Wynwood magazine, and independent websites too numerous to mention, Thomas now lives and works in Miami, FL.

ARTLURKER is positioned to expand upon contemporary art events with original and discerning text. Splitting the difference between local, national and international content we aim to provide timely previews, comprehensive reviews, interviews, and news on a reliable site from which readers can navigate to other similar and trusted pages.
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