Saturday, October 11, 2008

Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery London

Artist Richard Serra poses for photographers during the unveiling of his new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London October 3, 2008 via Reuters

Richard Serra is exhibiting in London for the first time since Weight and Measure at Tate Gallery in 1992. The two concurrent exhibitions at the Gagosian Galleries on Davies Street and Britannia Street in London. The Davies Street gallery houses new works by Serra on paper. The Britannia Street exhibit, titled ‘Sculpture’, involves three new large-scale steel installations and four smaller wall hanging pieces. The Serra sculptures at the current Gagosian exhibit weigh over 300 tons and can be viewed at the gallery until December 20, 2008. Born in 1939, Richard Serra is considered to be one of the most significant artists of his generation.

Link of Interest:

Richard Serra: Sculpture [Gagosian Gallery]


Anonymous said...

One of the most interesting of his generation? Thats damning with faint praise. What a waste of material and energy, from the just ended gilded age of excess, posing as an ascetic sensibility. Photographing textured steel under ideal light is far more intriguing, and less wasteful.


Ayo said...

Serra is a genius. If you ask me, photography has reached that point where nobody is really doing anything new with it, so it stops being noteworthy. One would never be able to inspire a reaction from a photograph that could hold a candle to the experience the viewer would get from one of Serra's pieces.

Anonymous said...

Say that about photography down my way and you'll get shanked. Knuckle to nose meeting of styles, and I'll open the aperture on your face.

Watch It!

From- Man RAYGUN