Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Art Blog Buzz: Recent buzz from the art side of the blogosphere

Buzz from the art side of the blogosphere:

Edward Winkleman Blog
Edward Winkleman offers a second post about the elusive street artist known as Poster Boy . Ed said, “Poster Boy is still working through a series of ideas, but doing so quickly, on his feet, and with a grand sense of humor. Humor, again, I believe, will be the key to the transitional artwork that leads us out of the current malaise. Humor and, perhaps, anger, but definitely humor.” Poster Boy contacted Winkleman after discovering his first topic about the young artist.

Art Fag City
Paddy Johnson gives some details about ArtReview’s Seventh Power 100 Edition . Just so you know, Damien Hirst took the top spot. Concerning the list Paddy said, “In case anyone had any question about the authority of this list, let’s be clear: this is no Fortune 500. This isn’t meant to indite the magazine, but rather point out the difficulty of putting together a power list for the art world that is based on more than stock performance. There are simply too many mysterious variables. How does artreview quantifiably determine who takes 70th and 71st place particularly when comparing the achievements of two entirely different professions? What is the nomination process? Which editors are doing the judging? These are questions readers would probably benefit from knowing.”

Art News Blog
Dion from Art News Blog investigates a new form of artist scam . For those interest, Dion has kept a list of artist scammers on his blog. Do check it out! There is also some more info about the Banksy pet store .

Art Blog in our Scope:

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof's ArtBlog
ArtBlog has art reviews, deep thoughts and gossip from Philadelphia and beyond. It was named one of the top art blogs by Art in America . Roberta and Libby also have a series videos. View all the episodes of their wildly popular video series, Look! It's Libby and Roberta. Enjoy.

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