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Tracey Snelling: Woman on The Run

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Tracey Snelling's Woman on the Run VIP Private View and Artist Talk During Frieze Week, Tuesday October 14 6-8pm

Wedel Fine Art is pleased to present Tracey Snelling’s latest work Woman on The Run at Selfridges. Woman on The Run is an installation that intricately mixes architecture, scale modeling, video, photography and 3-D story telling with a heady dose of Hollywood glamour and Hitchcock-like built-in suspense.

Woman on The Run is a multimedia project exploring a fragmented narrative about a fated woman. The main character, a combination of heroines and femme fatales from 1950’s and 1960’s film noir is trying to escape her fate. A crime has taken place, and she is wanted for questioning. Throughout the installation, different clues are given about what might have happened and who the woman is. Is she the victim, or the perpetrator? A study in feminism or an example of outdated ideas?

An alternate world of shrunken buildings, neon signs, and a life size motel offer a selection of clues that conspire to initially draw the viewer to the action and then help them thread together the disconnected story that just happened. The viewer quickly becomes a witness and to some extent an actor within the story, often assuming the role of a detective. Video plays in windows and conversations can be overheard. Reality becomes based more in perception than in absolutes. The blacks and whites of life shift to grey, and the truth becomes shrouded in mystery.

Tracey Snelling has been interested in the idea of reality being something that continually changes, due to perception and according to an individual’s ideals and own subjectivity. Tracey explores this viewpoint through shifting scale and presenting a particular subject in a myriad of ways. A large building can inspire a small sculpture of that building, which in turns becomes a photograph and eventually gets incorporated into another piece of art. Tracey uses much video in the sculptures – usually of people, sometimes doing mundane activities, repeated continually. Other times the characters might remain the same but the actions that are repeated change slightly and contradict each other. Influences in Tracey’s work are heavily anchored in Americana and fed by post-war US popular culture from literature to cinema, while her work consistently and simultaneously celebrates, demystify and re-interpret those cultural clich├ęs with the view to making them both timeless and fresh.

Woman on the Run is presented in the Ultralounge from 9 October while another piece by Tracey Snelling extends the narrative and the impact of the installation into Selfridges’ largest window (at the corner of Oxford Street and Orchard Street) can be viewed from 5 September. Tracey Snelling was born in Oakland, California in 1970. She read Physical Science before focusing on the study of Art and particularly photography. She has had several solo exhibitions, especially in the USA and has contributed works to many installations around Europe and notably at Art Basel.

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