Sunday, October 26, 2008

Myartspace Art Scholarship Update

Early Registrants will obtain a free Premium trial on and have a shot at winning an i-Phone! The art scholarship competition is free to enter! has created an art scholarship program for undergraduate and graduate art students. The scholarship is intended for students who exhibit exceptional artistic excellence in their chosen medium. Both contemporary and traditional art will be considered. There will be three prizes for undergraduate art students and three prizes for graduate art students. Myartspace is free to join and the art scholarship competition is free to enter. We plan to expand on this program each year.

Prize Breakdown:

First Prize:
$5000 for undergraduate student
$5000 for graduate student
Second Prize:
$2000 for undegraduate student
$2000 for graduate student
Third Prize:
$1000 for undergraduate student
$1000 for graduate student

Update to Art Scholarship Competition Rules:

Due to the successful interest on the part of our program, and at the request of a large number of schools, has decided to extend the entry to the scholarship program until December 16, 2008. has created an early registration deadline of November 21, 2008. Registrants that register by November 21, 2008 will be given a free, 3-month premium subscription to myartspace. A full-year premium subscription costs $75-- so this is a great way to try out premium features for 3 months on the site at no cost. The upgrade provides a host of powerful features for users such as their own personal URL on myartspace. Two i-Phones will be awarded through a random drawing to early registrants as well.
Scholarship winners will be notified by December 23, 2008. A public announcement of winners will be made January 7, 2009. For more information visit
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Brian Sherwin
Senior Editor

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