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Courtney Love furious over missing Polly Morgan art

Musician and actress Courtney Love was the proud owner of an art piece created by British artist Polly Morgan-- note was. Apparently a shipping crew disposed of the untitled piece-- valued at $11,800-- while packing Love’s belongings. Love had been in the process of moving from Malibu to the Hollywood Hills.

Love had entrusted responsibility of her belongings to her personal assistant-- who was fired after the mishap. Sources close to Love have stated that she viewed the work by Polly Morgan as “priceless” and “irreplaceable”. The work of art involved a preserved young bird placed within a matchbox. The crew removed the pedestal the piece was displayed on without any trouble.

An example of Polly Morgan's art-- Testament (Robin), 2007

Polly Morgan is a British artist who utilizes taxidermy within the context of her work. Polly creates still lives with animals as her subject-- which she places in unexpected scenes. By observing these pieces the viewer is encouraged to look at the animals as if for the first time. The preserved animals are either road casualties or have been donated to the artist by pet owners and vets after natural or unpreventable deaths. Polly Morgan is rapidly becoming a name to watch among a new generation of British artists.

Polly Morgan's collectors include Kate Moss, Vanessa Branson, Damien Hirst, and Charles Saatchi. The piece that Courtney Love owned was a commissioned piece. I interviewed Polly Morgan for in November of 2008.

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A perfect commentary on the state of "art". Only the self absorbed, vain, decadent and spoiled like it, witness Ms Love, vs the moving guys. Love it

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