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2nd Annual Art Scholarship Competition
Myartspace, the premiere online venue for contemporary art, has launched the 2nd annual art scholarship competition, with $16,000 in CASH prize awards. This merit-based scholarship is intended for students who have a passion for art and demonstrate that passion in their work. Students using all mediums of visual art, including photography, digital media, and sculpture, are encouraged to apply. The program is intended to recognize and award young artists who exhibit exceptional talent.

Myartspace will provide three scholarship prizes for undergraduate students and three scholarship prizes for graduate students. First place winners in each category are awarded a $5000 cash scholarship. Second and Third place winners receive $2000 and $1000 cash awards, respectively. To be considered for a Myartspace scholarship, applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students in an art degree program.
Last year, scholarship applicants hailed from over 1,200 schools worldwide. For more information visit,

View the undergraduate and graduate winners of the 1st annual art scholarship competition below:

Lucy May: 2008 graduate art scholarship first place winner:

“Entering the competition was an excellent way for me to build a high quality gallery of my work online, since I don't yet have my own website. I was aware that the site is vast and diverse, and that there would be many applications for the Scholarship. I am honored that my work was selected and delighted that so many more people will be able to view my work as a result of this competition. I'm also excited about the possibilities that this will open up for me.” -- Lucy May

Justin Lowman: 2008 graduate art scholarship second place winner

“I don't think one ever imagines winning these things. Of course, I knew I couldn't win unless I tried. I enjoyed putting the gallery together. It gave me chance to take inventory on recent work. My placement at the top has rendered me speechless. Of course, there is a smile.” -- Justin Lowman

Jessica Wohl: 2008 graduate art scholarship third place winner

“As I'm sure all applicants were, I was hopeful about the competition, though I figured it was pretty competitive. The word 'scholarship' always makes students excited. My reaction to winning was, of course, surprised and excited! I am really honored. It gives me validation and makes me feel like I'm going down the right path.” -- Jessica Wohl

Sara Sisun: 2008 undergraduate art scholarship first place winner

“I was just checking out the myartspace site and saw the advertisement for the competition; I had my portfolio documented and available so I figured it would be easy to fill out one more application. I was completely shocked to hear that I had won; I thought the winners had already been announced. I’m nervous to hear back from graduate programs, so receiving such encouragement is really great.” -- Sara Sisun

Jessica Brown: 2008 undergraduate art scholarship second place winner

“This was a great opportunity for someone living in a pretty secluded place, such as Alaska, to get my art out there. I am a little shocked that I won a place in the competition because I know how many talented artists entered. Just by participating I feel more connected to the outside, let alone winning!” -- Jessica Brown

Zach Stein: 2008 undergraduate art scholarship third place winner
“I don’t see how an art student can pass up an opportunity like this. You don’t have to pay to join Myartspace. You don’t have to pay to join the competition. You don’t have to get your work to a location. You just take a picture and put it online. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.” -- Zach Stein

Myartspace is one of the fastest growing and diverse communities on the internet. Its members include more than 50,000 artists, collectors, galleries and other art world professionals from across the globe, and it currently hosts the work of nearly 30,000 artists. Membership is free and artists can host their own art galleries with unlimited storage capacity.
Catherine McCormack-Skiba founded the company in 2006. An artist herself, she notes “The Arts are an essential part of our society, and CatMacArt Corporation is proud to once again sponsor a meaningful scholarship program for young artists in undergraduate and graduate studies. A large part of the mission of the community is to provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to develop their careers . Given our record participation levels last year, we are hopeful that we can match the depth and breadth of the art submitted last year. It is a tough benchmark for us.”

For more information visit,

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