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Art Space Talk: Morgan Riccilli Slade (Part 2)

Blown by Morgan Riccilli Slade

This is Part 2 of my interview with Morgan Riccilli Slade. To return to Part 1 click, HERE

BS: What about other influences? For example, are you influenced by any specific artists?

MS: The energy and freedom that was present in the American art of the 60’s and 70’s would be an undeniable influence, but it would be hard for me to pin down any defining piece or artist. Music plays a big role. Refine : refract 7 Crystal Skull, for example, takes the song by the metal band Mastodon and reduces it to a series of tones and then builds it back into an ambient soundscape. I also like Picasso, Krautrock and the Baroque period.

BS: So what is the specific message you strive to convey to viewers? Is there one? Do you adhere to a specific philosophy as far as your work is concerned?

MS: I don’t think that I have a specific message. What I am more interested is presenting a different way of looking at a something that already has an established dialog. It is however, important for final result, no matter how conceptual, to work on an aesthetic level. I like beauty. Butterflies by Morgan Riccilli Slade

BS: What are you working on at this time?

MS: Currently, I am prepping a showing of refine : refract 1. The central video component has been finished for a year and now I am adding some serigraphs and dry pigment prints. The video is a a series of 500 illustrations that play in sequence beginning with a black frame, building up to a complete image, and slowly disintegrating to a black image again.

The soundtrack is an abstracted version of 'Claire de Lune' by Debussy. The prints add to theme by referencing a Bergamask and A Summer Night’s Dream.

Refract 7 Crystal Skull by Morgan Riccilli Slade

BS: I assume you are exhibiting at this time?

MS: I currently have work in two venues in the Bay Area and am hoping to launch a salon style artist space near the end of the summer with refine : refract 1.

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