Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sophie Calle: Take Care of Yourself at Paula Cooper Gallery

Sophie Calle, from “Take Care of Yourself,” French Intelligence Officer, Louise (2007). Via Paula Cooper Gallery.

Paula Cooper Gallery is currently featuring the art of conceptual artist Sophie Calle. The exhibit involves Calle coming to terms with a lover’s breakup via email. Calle has used the traumatic experience as a way to explore issues of intimacy clashing with mass technology. In the past Sophie Calle has explored similar themes. For example, she once hired a private detective to follower her at her own request in order to document the experience. The exhibit will come to a close on May 22nd, 2009. For more information visit, www.paulacoopergallery.com

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Art said...

Just a note, I was entertained by the exhibition, but not moved. It seemed inauthentic, like she was using the experience rather than making something out of it.