Sunday, April 12, 2009

Forum Topic: How is the internet changing the global art scene?

Forum Topic: Due to the internet artists, curators, and art dealers are connecting in ways that would not have been possible not long ago. An artist can meet another artist from overseas with ease-- both can influence each other.

A curator from Japan can easily discover an artist from Canada. An art dealer in New York City may find out about an artist online that he or she would like to represent-- not knowing that the artist lives just a few miles from the gallery. Connections like this are made everyday online-- connections that would not have otherwise happened had those making the connections not been online.

With this in mind, how is the internet bringing the whole of the ‘art world’ together? Feel free to share your experiences or insight.


gonzales said...

I believe this is a great thing. I've been able to connect with people I wouldn't have been able to on my own. I currently reside in New york and have made friend with artists across the world. i've even received compliments from people just saying how much they like my work from places such as Singapore and Denmark.

Frank Gonzales

qi peng said...

My current gallery The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery found me through Facebook which is an incredible networking tool... I also think that a lot of galleries and private dealers are going the online route too like culturehall curated by David Andrew Frey.

The internet is the future of art... as well as the printed mag.