Monday, April 27, 2009

Art Space Talk: Morgan Riccilli Slade (Part 3)

Crows and Flowers by Morgan Riccilli Slade
This is Part 3 of my interview with Morgan Riccilli Slade. To return to Part 2 click, HERE
BS: Morgan, what are your thoughts concerning the internet and utilizing the World Wide Web in order to gain exposure for your art? In your opinion, why is it important for artists to embrace the internet?

MS: I think embracing technology as a tool is inevitable and necessary, and self promotion is and always has been a very important aspect to any artist. It is important to move the arts and artists out of a system were it was all too contained.

BS: Do you have any concerns about the art world at this time?

MS: I have serious concerns about the world in general, but the art world will soldier on. Artists can be very resourceful people.
Big Chicken by Morgan Riccilli Slade

BS: There has been several stories involving copyright infringement in the mainstream press as of late. What is your stance on copyright? Do you see strong copyright as a reflection of artist rights in general? Or do you feel that copyright restricts creativity? Do you have a stance on this issue?

MS: I am not sure why a copyright would restrict creativity. I don’t entirely subscribe to the Creative Commons argument. I think an artist should reserve the right to give up the right, if that makes sense.

Red Apple by Morgan Riccilli Slade

BS: As you know, the economy has been hard. Have you had to change-- or should I say adapt-- your practice due to the economy?

MS: Adapting to your environment is key to any kind of survival. It is important to not become too comfortable. Changing studios, can be pretty traumatic in itself. I would never discount financial concerns when discussing the artistic practice, but recessions have a way of turning into very productive periods when you are not chasing money.

BS: Finally, do you have a personal website that you would like to share with our readers?

MS: Yes I do. Please visit,

This is the conclusion of my interview with Morgan Riccilli Slade. To return to Part 1 of the interview click, HERE

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