Monday, April 13, 2009

Forum Topic: Cuts to Art Funding

Forum Topic: I've been reading articles about major cuts to art funding throughout the United States. For example, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (Democrat) has cut support for the arts from $7.9 million this year to $1 million in 2010. Also, Gov. Jon Corzine (Democrat) chopped $5.2 million from the arts budget in New Jersey-- he suggested that arts funding threatened healthcare funding. My guess is that we will see more of these cuts nationwide until the economy is more stable.

Is it a necessary evil in your opinion? Does it trouble you that funding for the arts has been on the decrease considering that President Obama mentioned the arts as part of his policy during the election? Do you expect that he will defend arts funding? What are your thoughts on public funding of the arts in general?


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that Obama has changed since the election. Where is all the support he promised to the art community? If he has time to tell the press his sports choices I would think he would have time to at least get the ball rolling on supporting the art community.

Unknown said...

I don't think he is going back on his commitment, but with as many problems that fell in his lap, he has to prioritize SOMEWHERE. I am pretty certain that in his dramatic increases in Education funding, that part probably goes to the arts, since museums are generally classified as educational/cultural institutions by the government.

Rantzi said...

Obama does have a lot on his plate but he has also made a few mistakes and can't blame Bush for everything. President Obama is just that President. The French are wise enough to point out that most of his policies are similar to what Bush had been pushing in his last term. Obama's bail out was a complete failure and has only lead to the auto industry expecting more money and bankers and CEOs making their wallets fatter. It would have been better to place that money in small business including businesses ran by artists. There has been a lot of money put in funding roads and rail but will that matter if people can't afford to go anywhere? Funny how people make excuses for his mishaps. Did Bush prevent Dashle and others from paying their taxes? Noper on that. This administration is one of the most corrupt administrations the US has seen in such a short time. Lucky for President Obama the cult of celebrity can block the public from waking up. Tax payers money thrown away and all people can do is make excuses and focus on the past. I thought this was a time of change and new horizons.