Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kunstmuseum Basel to exhibit ‘complete survey’ of Vincent van Gogh landscape paintings

Trees in the Asylum Garden by Vincent van Gogh

Kunstmuseum Basel is preparing to open an exhibit billed as the "the world's first complete survey of landscape paintings" by Vincent van Gogh. Though barely known during his lifetime van Gogh’s surviving paintings, groundbreaking painterly technique, and life continues to captivate viewers. The exhibit involves a collection of over 70 landscape paintings by the Dutch legend and will also feature landscape painting by a handful of his contemporaries-- including, Henri Matisse and Camille Corot.

According to Wikipedia, The Kunstmuseum Basel houses the largest and most significant public art collection in Switzerland, and is listed as a heritage site of national significance. Its lineage extends back to the Amerbach Cabinet purchased by the city of Basel in 1661, which made it the first municipally owned museum. Its collection is distinguished by an impressively wide historic span, from the early 15th century up to the immediate present. Its various areas of emphasis give it international standing as one of the most significant museums of its kind. These encompass: painting and drawing by artists active in the Upper Rhine region between 1400 and 1600 and on the art of the 19th to 21st centuries.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine what Vincent could have accomplished today with the internet. I think he would have really connected with people. History tells us that the people called talentless can end up being one of the greatest artists of all time!