Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Art Blog Search Keywords

I’ve been talking to fellow art bloggers about common keywords that people use to find their blog. Some of them are to be expected, while others are over the top. What can I say… words are powerful.

Some of the common keyword searches for the Myartspace Blog are: myartspace, my art, controversial artists, artist statement examples, controversial art, and appropriation art.

In the last few days the following have been popular: rosenquist fire, appropriate media, artists and the recession, selling art online, birds of a feather flock together, offensive art, shepard fairy copyright infringement, and richard prince lawsuits.

Based on the art bloggers (and a handful of art site maintainers) I’ve spoken with here are some common keyword searches that people find their blog (or art site) with:

Common political, economic, and social art keywords -- Obama art, Clinton art, Bush art, political art, political protest art, McCain art, Congress art, DC art, propaganda art, depression art, economy art, social art, culture art, abortion art, Democrat art, Republican art, political party art, election art, union art, confederate art, apartheid art, war art, terrorist art, global art, state divided art, flag art, Hitler art

Common sex, love, porn, body part, and relationship art keywords -- relationship art, romance art, sex art, feces fetish art, orgy art, foot fetish art, love art, romantic art, bed art, lovely art, sexy art, condom art, birth control art, porn site art, fetish art, prostitute art, cathouse art, penis art, vagina art, group sex art, alt porn art, cock art, xxx art, anal art, boob art, breast art, blowjob art (perhaps due to the book about Andy Warhol), threesome art, cuckhold art, bbw art, sperm art, making babies art, love shack art

Common religious, faith, and healing art keywords -- religion art, faith art, god art, idol art, Muslim art, Christ art, Christian art, healing art, God heals art, God cares art, redemption art, Catholic art, faith based art, pastor art, preacher art, church art, Satan art, Lucifer art, demon art, ghost art, angel art, Moses art, Islam art, Tao art, Hindu art, Buddhist art, savior art

Common technology, new media, science and computer art keywords -- tech art, technology art, computer art, computer based art, new media art, iPod art, digital art, cell phone art, plasma art, dvd art, robot art, robotics art, biotechnology art, video game art, data art, icon art, sound art, tv art, radio art, sprite art, spam art, new media art, holographic art, mathematics art, science art, online art, internet art

Common medical, drugs, and psychology art keywords -- medical art, plague art, medicine art, operation art, swine flu art, hospital art, AIDS art, HIV art, abortion art, bone art, mental art, psychology art, Jung art, Freud art, disturbed art, mental illness art, sanatorium art, sanatorium art, mental hospital art, psych ward art, crazy art, rabies art, dead art, blood art, menstrual art, fertility art, suicide art, medial illustration art, corpse art, cadaver art, death art, virus art, disease art, dead on arrival art, coma art, drug art, meth art, cocaine art, needle art, recreational drugs art, psychedelic art, psycho art, depressed art, addiction art, patient art, marijuana art, mary jane art, smoker art, biology art, burn victim art, fallout victim art, doctor art, nurse art, drug addict art, drug user art

Interesting art keywords search in general -- how to be rich like damien hirst, did jeff koons buy show?, why does banksy do what he does?, banksy is more than one person?, how to be like banksy, how to be like shepard fairey, tracey emin in porn, damien hirst steals, picasso stolen art, how to be a rich artist, how to steal art, how to damage art, where to steal art, how to make art fakes, sell stolen art, cheat artists, art fraud, create fake art, sex art exhibit, is art school worthless?, art students are cheated, how to create art controversy?, how to live with an artist?, stop creating art

It is always interesting to check out the keywords that people use to find my blog-- if you have never done it you should! It can be good for a laugh or simpy to know what your readership is looking for. You would assume that people would find an art blog with searches for popular art news topics and the names of specific artists-- but that is not always the case.

In fact, Dion from Art News Blog recently posted about keywords and mentioned that 'hanging tits' is a common keywords search that people discover his art blog with. Feel free to share common keywords for your art blog. Be sure to include a link to your blog so we can see what all the 'search' is about.

Link of Interest:

Search Art Keywords -- Art News Blog

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