Monday, May 11, 2009

NYAXE Gallery Representation Winners. May 21, 2009 Exhibit

Congratulations to the artists selected for representation at the NYAXE Gallery. 3 artists-- Jane Fulton Alt, Leah Tomaino, and Miles Holbert, will have their work physically represented at the gallery. 17 others will be represented digitally.
Jane Fulton Alt

NYAXE Gallery is located at 818 Emerson St. in Palo Alto, CA. The represented members were chosen from a selective-- ongoing --competition that allows members of the community to compete for NYAXE Gallery representation. The gallery serves as a bridge between the online and physical art world.

The NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA marks as one of only a few social art sites to have a physical presence in the form of a brick & mortar gallery-- as well as the only online art community to have a physical gallery presence in the heart of Silicon Valley. The NYAXE Gallery places members art within reach of some of the most powerful-- and wealthy-- professionals in the United States.

Leah Tomaino

Catherine McCormack-Skiba, Founder and CEO of myartspace, notes "It's very exciting to energize the creative spirit in Silicon Valley with world-class contemporary art. The blend of the technology innovation center of the world, and compelling art is very inspiring".

The competition is free for Premium members to enter. Standard members pay a $25 submission fee. pays shipping expenses to and from the exhibit for artists who are selected for NYAXE Gallery representation.

Miles Holbert

The exhibit will open on May 21st . NYAXE Gallery is managed by Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the founder of and For more information about the winners visit,

For more information about Premium membership on visit, To learn about past and current competitions please visit,

The digitally represented artists for the May 21st NYAXE Gallery exhibit (click to view their profile):

To view the prior winners, February 26, 2009, click HERE.


Viviane Vives said...

Funny, two people from Barcelona! Hola Pau!

Viviane Vives said...

Funny two people from Barcelona (although I live in Austin, TX) Hola Pau!!!

Anonymous said...

Prepare to be dragged thru the mud.