Saturday, May 02, 2009

Andy Kehoe: Living in Twilight at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Gallery is currently preparing for a solo exhibition of new works by Andy Kehoe. The exhibit, titled Living in Twilight, will feature a new series of oil and acrylic painting on wood panel by Kehoe. The exhibit will include some of the largest paintings created by Andy Kehoe to date. The solo exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery will mark Kehoe’s first solo show in New York and the largest collection of his work in a single exhibit to date.

Andy Kehoe’s allegorical compositions are painted in a strict palette of rich earth tones beneath a fine layer of crisp black accents. His work often involves themes of alienation and the concept of finding peace in solitude. His isolated figures are often surrounded by the majestic grandeur of nature. Kehoe’s body of work draws inspiration from folktales and mythology. In his work the viewer observes visual narratives of the fantastic and grotesque. The exhibit opens May 16th, 2009 and will come to a close on June 13th, 2009. For more information visit,

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