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Art Space Talk: Catalina Viejo (Part 2)

Letter to Hans Hoffman by Catalina Viejo

This is Part 2 of my interview with Catalina Viejo. To return to Part 1 click, HERE

BS: What about other influences? For example, are you influenced by any specific artists?

CV: I am constantly looking at everything around me for inspiration. Trash on the ground, papers, graffiti, architecture. I am very sensitive to the divisions of space around me and any sort of mark. For both mediums, I look a lot at Vermeer, Jenny Saville, R.B Kitaj, Hockney, Kurt Schwitters, Gaugin, Euan Uglow and Peter Blake to name a few.
Letter to Katie by Catalina Viejo

BS: So what is the specific message you strive to convey to viewers? Do you adhere to a specific philosophy as far as your work is concerned?

CV: Be it a painting or a letter collage, I introduce a new individual to the viewer. Someone or something that they can get to know.

In the letter collages, I make it a point that words are not necessary to convey feelings and thoughts. The human being is very sensitive to patterns around him/her, and color and light is plenty of information to get a specific message across.

Circle Notes by Catalina Viejo

BS: What are you working on at this time? Can you give our readers some insight into your current work?

CV: I am continuing my series of letter collages and also starting a new series of paintings.

The titles in the letter collages are becoming a lot more abstract. My earlier letters were aimed at specific beings, such as "Letter to Paul Newman" or "Letter to God" but the recent letters are expanding into "Letter to those who think outside the box" and "Letter to Spain".

As for the paintings, it is a series of 12 panels. Six of the panels are representing single individuals and the other six are self portraits with people and figures that have made a strong impact in my life, such as my sisters, or the Virgin Mary.

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