Monday, May 18, 2009

Eva Rothschild sculpture at Tate Britain

Mass mind (steel version) by Eva Rothschild

The Tate Britain has announced that artist Eva Rothschild will create a sculpture for the 2009 Duveens Commission. The 200 foot long sculpture will play on the idea of space and the architecture of the Duveens Galleries. The piece will no doubt play on the perception of visitors due to the fact that Duveens Galleries focus on neo-classical works of art. Thus, it will be an experience that blends old and new. The work will be on display at the Tate Britain on June 29th and will come to a close on November 29th, 2009. For more information visit,

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Wayne Bonney said...

Very nice work Eva..I had to come back one more time...Lovely.