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Art Space Talk: Catalina Viejo (Part 3)

American Gothic by Catalina Viejo

This is Part 3 of my interview with Catalina Viejo. To return to Part 2 click, HERE

BS: Catalina, what are your thoughts concerning the internet and utilizing the World Wide Web in order to gain exposure for your art? In your opinion, why is it important for artists to embrace the internet?

CV: I think the internet is great to get an initial introduction of your work out there. It is great that someone across the globe can see my work who would otherwise not have a chance to see it. Of course, any work of art can only truly be experienced to its fullest, by being infront of it, but for a general introduction, I think the internet is great.

BS: Will you be involved with any upcoming exhibits?

CV: I recently had a show "Color Correspondence" of my recent letter collages in the mimi gallery in Ipswich, MA. Also, several of my letter collages were accepted to Tufts University Annual Summer Juried Exhibition and will be in display at their Art gallery all summer.
Shopping by Catalina Viejo

BS: Do you have any concerns about the art world at this time?

CV: Not necessary concern, since I believe artists are going to make art no matter what. However, I am intrigued by how the economy and the new president is affecting artists and their materials and subject matter.

BS: There has been several stories involving copyright infringement in the mainstream press as of late. What is your stance on copyright? Do you see strong copyright as a reflection of artist rights in general? Or do you feel that copyright restricts creativity? Do you have a stance on this issue?

CV: I definitely think copyright is necessary for any artist. I think it’s a case by case thing. Its very different if someone very obviously steals an image from another artist, or is simply inspired by it.

La Alfombra Roja by Catalina Viejo

BS: As you know, the economy has been hard. Have you had to change-- or should I say adapt-- your practice due to the economy?

CV: Not really. I am still making paintings and collages. It might take me a little longer to save up for good quality paints or materials for the paintings, but I end up getting them regardless. As for the collages, most of my materials are found papers so the economy has no effect on them. Lately I find, that a few more artists are starting to use renewable materials in their work .

BS: Finally, is there anything else you would like to say about your art?

CV: Only that people can keep updated about my art by visiting my website,

This is the conclusion of my interview with Catalina Viejo. To return to Part 1 of the interview click, HERE

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