Monday, November 13, 2006

Art In The News: The 2006 Art Market Boom

It has been a very good year for the art market. Insiders have stated that 2006 has been the best year for art sells in over a decade. Half a billion dollars' worth of art was sold last week at Christie's alone. It is doubtful that the market will decline anytime soon.

The art that exchanged hands last week helped New York to break the one billion dollar mark in art sells. This is the first time that such a high record has been achieved in a single season.

Insiders believe that the 2006 art market will continue to boom. Works by Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Andy Warhol will be for sell next week at Christie's and Sotherby's post-war and contemporary art sale. This increase in sells is fueled by a young generation of wealthy buyers.

Emerging artists are also benefiting from the current art market. Many of the artists I've communicated with have noted an increase in the sell of their work during this year. These young artists may not earn 61 million dollars per painting, but they are making enough to be content. Let us hope that this interest in art continues in 2007 and beyond.

Have you sold a work of art recently? Tell us about it!



Anonymous said...

hope this boom in art sales spreads across the nation. for the sake of all artists and of course for the sake of my own art career.

btw... where is everyone!? is there anyone from myartspace doing anything to get involved in helping to create some sort of thriving community? or are most artists suffering from a bad aftertaste post big south of france debacle? cheating and fraud not the best way to start off, eh?


Anonymous said...

wow!!! i wasn't censored! apparently just took a long time to decide whether or not to print my post.

glad you guys did.

so... where are the forums and when does this thing take off for real?

Balhatain said...


Thanks for your concern and support for artists.

As for your comments about the South of France Competition... it is true that had trouble with 'cheaters'. However, those people were eventually caught. People who were caught in the 'crossfire' were offered to remain in the competition.

Online competitions have always had problems with 'cheaters' and IP spoofers. It is not really the fault of the site.

We have measures in place to try and prevent 'cheating' during future competitions.

Again, can't control the behavior of people who enter our competitions, but we can try our best to expose them.

As for the lack of comments... that is often common place with blogs. However, I know for a fact that many people read the blog and are return visitors.

We should have a forum added soon. The forum will allow artists to communicate and network. They will also be able to comment about the blog entries.

Just so you know, your comment was not censored. I moderate this blog. So I have to approve comments.

It is not an issue of censorship. It is an issue of preventing comments that have nothing to do with the posts.

Trust me on this... people would not be happy if they came on to find comments containing porn links.

I'll give you an example of why the comments are not 'open'. One person posted a comment stating that he was the owner of the blog. I just don't want to see a bunch of worthless comments that have nothing to do with art on the blog. It would be a disservice to the artists I have interviewed and to my readers.

Now... when the forum is up I will make it 'open', but I will still get rid of anything that is not related to the topics.

For now, the blog is going to be flame/troll free.



Balhatain said...


I just read your other comment.

The full sight has not even been lauched yet. I believe there was a post about this if you search the blog.

As for the forum for this blog. I'll see what I can find out.

Expanding this community is a process. It is not something that occurs over-night. All I can say is that I have devoted myself to informing artists about other artists and that I will do the best that I can do.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

hey balhatain, thanks for your response.
greatly appreciated.
i certainly do hope this all works out. just recently uploaded new images to my little gallery on myartspace.

best of luck to all :)