Thursday, November 09, 2006

Art In The News: Controversial Art By Neil Moore Exhibited At The Nomi Art Gallery

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Neil Moore, a controversial artist, is in the spotlight with his new body of work. He is currently exhibiting the pieces in the recently opened Nomi Art gallery. (November 11th to December 2nd). Mr. Moore has displayed his paintings to critical acclaim across Europe and the United States. However, he has had his share of controversy during his long career as an artist.

Mr. Moore's work, which often deals with gender issues, has been refused by galleries in the past due to their controversial nature. Curators often fear what families may think upon viewing Moore's art. They put Mr. Moore's integrity as an artist on the back-burner out of fear of public outcry.

The controversy over Moore's work stems from his manner of depicting the female form in his art. Many viewers have been offended by his use of the female figure. There has also been some concern and debate over the age-range of his subjects.

Luckily for Moore, the Nomi Art gallery desires art that is considered controversial art. They see themselves as an outlet for artists who have been 'attacked' for their artistic creations. Mr. Moore's art is exactly the type of art that the Nomi wants to exhibit.

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Samantha Walton said...

Hello I am 14yrs old and in art at school we are doing controversial art and i think yours would be great can you please tell me what inspired you asap thanks alot xx