Saturday, November 25, 2006

Art Space Talk: Yiu Keung Lam, Marco

I recently interview artist Yiu Keung Lam (Also known as Marco). Yiu's art is marked by his bold use of expressive techniques. Strong use of line and painterly strokes define the images that he creates. He values the exploration of color and marks upon the canvas.

There is a story of pain and struggle behind Yiu's art. This is one emerging artist who truly has a voice behind his work.

Q. When did you first discover that art would be an important part of your adult life?

A. "About four years ago, in one occasion I seen one TV program introduced about Monet, I found his work really amazing and gave me great impression. After that, I decided to take a one year course in Fine Art, and I felt more and more interested about Painting after the course."
Q. How has creating art shaped you professionally and personally?

A. "I'm not work in Art industry, therefore Art means to me is all about personality development. I feel complete and find satisfaction whenever I'm painting and connecting with anything related to Art."
Q. How has society influenced your art? Are there any social implications in your art?

A. "In my Art, I don't have any specific theme, however it's naturally some similar elements come out from my mind and being expressed via my Art, which is "struggle with the Fate", I don't know the exact reason but I guess it most likely influenced from my life experience. I usually have strong feeling about negative issues which happen in society."

Q. What are your artistic influences? Has anyone inspired you?

A. "There are so many Great Artists influences me, like Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Vincent, Egon Schiele and Paul Gauguin etc. I like the way they were focus on humanity rather than technical. And I like the primitive colours they used to express their emotion."

Q. Tell me a little about your background. Are your past experiences reflected in the work you do today? If so, how?

A. "I didn't have a degree in Art study, I just studied Art in one year diploma course, so it is so difficult for a people like me to enter the Art industry in Hong Kong. However, my tutor who studied Fine Art in UK has inspired and influenced me a lot and he always encourage me to be a Professional Artist. Therefore "Struggle with the Fate" is a message I always express in my work."
Q. If you could pinpoint the characteristics of people who collect your art, what would they be?

A. "I hope for those who can understand my message in my painting and read my mind would collect my art."
Q. Discuss one of your pieces. What were you thinking when you created it?

A. "I would like to discuss "Mother and Son". When I painted this piece, I was thinking about the tough life my mum went through when I was a kid."

Q. What is your artistic process?

A. "I'm planning to hold my personal exhibition, so I'm working very hard on it now."
Q. Why did you choose the medium(s) that you use?

A. "I choose Oil as my painting material as I find there is no limitation on Oil creation, at least for me."

Q. Do you have a degree or do you plan to attend school for art? If so, how has it helped your art career?

A. "As mentioned before I don't have a degree and I don't have any plan to attend school for Art yet. As firstly I can't afford to be a full time Art student, and secondly I still think Life experience can inspire me a lot in my painting instead of keep myself in Art school. However, if one day I can afford the time and money maybe I'll still consider to study art in School."

Q. Where can we see more of your art?

A. "You can visit the following website (although currently the service is suspended and will be resume service around Dec) :

..... Which was established when I was studying in Chinese University and apart for my own works, it also contains those art works of my ex-classmates."

Q. Are you represented by a gallery? Do you have any upcoming exhibits?
A. "I'm not represented by any gallery yet. I was attending two exhibitions as a group before and I'm planning to hold my first personal exhibition next year."

Q. What galleries have you exhibited in? Can you provide links to their sites?

A. "2005 March Graduation Exhibition of the 6TH Certificate Programme in Fine Arts 2005 Nov "Confused" Fine-art exhibition in First Institute of Art & Design Gallery(Design First Gallery) Hong Kong (their website :"

Q. What trends do you see in the 'art world'?

A. "I think although it's so popular to add some technical elements into Art by computer, but the trends will eventually going back to primitive style painting in Art scene."

Q. Any tips for emerging artists?

A. "I think only few genius are born to be Artist, the rest of the people in the world has to go through a long way and much life experience to be a famous artist. Nevertheless, I think it's still very hard for a people to be emerged as Artist in a commercial city like Hong Kong. Therefore I think the only way people in Hong Kong is to approaching different knowledge as much as possible, it helps to open our mind in creativity as the Hong Kong Artist I seen are usually follows the China Scene, American Art Scene or else, we don't have our own style."

Q. In one sentence... why do you create art?

A. "I like to express my emotion and my resentment of my society directly from my Art piece."

Q. What can you tell our readers about the art scene in your area?

A. "I'm from Hong Kong and I think the Artists here are not being respected. And I don't think there are sufficient people here can truly understand Art as the majority here only keen on commercial entertainment."

Q. Does your cultural background play a part in your work?

A. "A little bit."

I hope you have enjoyed my interview with Yiu Keung Lam. Feel free to critique or discuss Yiu's art.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin


Anonymous said...

Happy to see this interview of Marco. Hope it will give him opportunities of work.
I appreciate artists who take care of humanity instead of admiring themselves in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to go to art college. You're already an excellent painter. Jess :)