Thursday, November 09, 2006

Art In The News: World Art Expo in Malacca

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An international art expo will be held for 5 days in Malacca. The First Malaysia World Art-Tourism Expo 2006 is taking place at the Malacca International Trade Centre in Ayer Keroh. The expo will run until Monday.

Artists and art entrepreneurs from the China, Iran, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cuba, Indonesia, the Philippines, Britain, Myanmar, Italy, Singapore, Russia, the United States, and Thailand have come together to form the international art expo. In all, 150 international artist, 100 kiosks, and 3,000 works of art are on display until Monday.

Sponsers have declared that the expo is not just about art and commerce. They hope it will established a people-to-people network amongst visitors and particpants.

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