Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Slice of Art: There is More than One Flavor of Art Pie.

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Action Psyche (1974) Gine Pane (French)Performance art like this piece is just another slice of the Art Pie. Have you 'tasted' any lately?

In my opinion, art does not follow a strict guideline in order to be considered "good'. I think of it like a pie. As you know, we have came up with many types of pie and many flavors to choose from. Even when pie is made poorly it can still taste good, right? So does that not mean that art that you consider poorly constructed can still be 'good'? Or is the problem with elitists who will only taste one flavor?

There are so many styles of art out there today. So many slices of the art pie. Is it so hard to taste a slice that has not been 'baked' in the manner your are accustomed to? I think people who have closed their minds should gain an acquired taste for the art that they loathe. It would appear that some people need to be forced-fed just to take that first little bite! It is only a matter of intellect and the ability to discern emotive reasoning, true? Bite down.

There are many slices to this pie! Many styles and ways of thinking. I would think that it would become rather dull to 'eat' the same slice of pie over and over again for a lifetime. It would seem that some people need to develop a 'stronger stomach' so that that they can 'digest' all of the flavors of the art pie that is available to them.

Take care, Stay true

Brian Sherwin

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Anonymous said...

A very powerful visual as well. Wow!