Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dumbo Art Festival in NYC this past weekend

Like a special place in time the d.u.m.b.o. (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) art festival is a feast of opportunity for art lovers and appreciators. Situated under the Manhattan Bridge, this is a breeding ground for great art, atmosphere, expressive freedom, collector opportunity and engagement. Literally hundreds of artist of all mediums and distinction are able to live, work and play in this unique environment of great big old, sometimes refurbished buildings situated along the Hudson with the sweetest of beaches, allowing an ideal space for artistic license.

One of my favorite works of art was conducted by a performance artist: Mary Coble, who invited the audience to write on her body derogatory words that have been used or heard used against yourself or others. There were black permanent markers with which to write on her bare skin, the words which found their way to your consciousness so quickly, glowing with hurt. A profound and moving experience to transfer them to her body for others to witness. I think a lot of people shared the cathartic release of inner pinnings of pain as she was marked in nearly every square inch of her exposed body in a short period of time. The air was particularly icy/windy and the pain one surely felt by looking at her brave the elements for the release of others was remarkable in itself.

Below is a quick slide-show presentation in video format. There are pictures of some of the art found in the sculpture garden near the shore as well. Most of the art lit up at night and was truly magical to traverse in after dark.

Catherine McCormack-Skiba, myartspoace

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Balhatain said...


Sounds like you had an interesting time.

I've seen 'flesh' displays like that before. I'm always inspired by the courage of those who permit their bodies to be used in such a manner. It really says a lot beyond the words that are written.

We all know that the artist and his or her art walk hand-in-hand, but it is very interesting when the artist becomes the center of his or her artistic expression.

Thanks for sharing the photos.