Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lesson 1: myartspace 1.0/Menus

myartspace 1.0 is getting ready to make a debut shortly. It will be different from the current site in many ways. We are planning on introducing some of the new user-interface and features in the blog.

First, version 1.0 of myartspace is a blend of HTML (hypertext marketup language) and FLASH code, not strictly FLASH. Second, it takes on a slightly different user interface and dramatically greater capabilities.

Above in the image you can see a series of top-level menus (Browse, MyStudio, Community, Cool Stuff). As you can imagine, the Browse menu allows you to look at the collection of art and photographs in near endless ways of sorting and organizing (for a latter blog post). Browse also allows members to look at their messages, reviews, ratings and other feedback. The myStudio menu is for artists as they "work" within their studio uploading images, creating portfolios (a new concept, which is a collection of images -- similar to a folder), galleries and their profiles. The Community menu, shown above, allows the user to access a host of community-related items including:

Blog -- the myartspace Blog
News -- Daily news about the art community
myartspace.TV -- art video podcasting and video art
interviews -- dozens of interviews with myartspace community artists
global directory -- a resource database of artists, photographers, museums, galleries, etc.
classifieds -- a place for artists and photographers to buy/sell items free
auctions -- a place for artists and photographers to buy/sell items through an auction process
contests -- upcoming myartspace competitions and other competitions
events -- a collection of upcoming events in the art and photography world

Each major menu item has a rich selection of items below it, such as the Community example. Clicking on the Community immediately brings down a sub-menu directly below it from which you can select.

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