Saturday, October 21, 2006

Art In The News: Donated Painting Earns $160,002 For Goodwill

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The painting that was donated.

An anonymous donor recently dropped off a painting by Frank Weston Benson at a Goodwill in Portland Oregon. It is not known if the anonymous donor knew the value of the painting, but a local gallery owner did. A bidding war ensued upon the authentication of the piece.

The starting bid for the 1923 watercolor was a mere $10 and ended up reaching the hefty sum of $160,002 on the organization's website . The winning bidder has not yet been revealed.

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'Red and Gold' Frank Weston Benson

Frank Weston Benson, a member of the Ten American Painters, was an American Impressionist. His paintings often depicted his daughters posing outside of his summer home on the island of North Haven.

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'Eleanor Holding a Shell' Frank Weston Benson

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