Thursday, October 05, 2006

Art Space Talk: Tadashi Terada

The interview with Tadashi Terada was an interesting experience. Translators had to be used. Learning more about this talented artist from Japan was well worth the struggle. This was Mr. Terada's response after being asked about his art. (To find Mr. Terada's art simply type Tadashi below 'Find by Login Name or Name' on and click 'FIND'.)

"I am not a professional artist. My present work is on Environmental Impact Assessment. I investigate nature of the four seasons.
My mind changes when I lived in the deep in the forest alone all by myself in long time. Surrounded by the forest, I feel myself getting purer and purer. Probably I think that my art was created by something powerful that I got from the place. In this process, I feel a like bulb lit up inside me every time.

"*Wood work & Digital work.

My creative foundation is wabi-sabi(the beauties of simplicity and tranquility) in Japanese arts.

The materials for my art, I collect in the autumn forests, walking my dog. My arts I have introduced here are always accidentally created with my own hands. What I feel from one twig I pick up compels me to find other parts and assemble them into my creation. Therefore, all those parts retain their own silhouettes exactly as they are.

Once my creation begins, it is finished in an amazing instant. The distinctive shapes of my materials inspire my creative desire. Perhaps the end will never ever come.

I assemble things natural into my arts. I greatly value the very shapes of those things. My creation goes along with my dialog with those materials, which just resembles "Force" of Yoda in Star Wars. It is also just like "Ki"(mind-power) in Japan, which I most treasure in my creation."
- Tadashi Terada

I found Mr. Terada's wabi-sabi gallery on to be of great interest. Tadashi uses his skills in woodworking to create figures that capture the essence of nature. In a sense, he allows this essence to consume him. The Wabi-Sabi figures are the byproduct of this bond between the artist and nature. They truly capture the spirt of this force.

What I enjoy most about Mr. Terada's art is that he uses aspects of his cultural heritage within the context of his work. His digital images, which can be observed in his 'arhat' gallery on, are a wonderful combination of the use of new technology and the rich tradition of his cultural background.

This interview reveals the lengths that the staff at will go to serve every artist no matter where they are from. It took several days of communication with Mr. Terada to put this interview together for our readers. I we will alway try our best! Please understand that there may be errors in the translation.

More of Mr. Terada's work can be observed at

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin

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