Thursday, September 04, 2008

Do you think Jeff Koons went overboard with his yacht design?

I recently learned that Jeff Koons had been commissioned by Dakis Joannou, billionaire businessman and art collector, to create exterior art for his new yacht. The yacht launch party was as excessive as Koons concept for the yacht-- including an art world A-list guest roster. Jeffery Deitch, Larry Gagosian, Marian Goodman, and Nicholas Serota attended the christening of the yacht, named ’Guilty’, along with other guests. Koons has stated that he based the design on a World War I camouflage pattern. All aboard or abandon ship? You be the judge. What do you think about Koons yacht art?

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Ben Varkentine said...

Call me crazy (or tasteless), but I think that's rather wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Guess the decadent rich are as over the top as not long ago. See bigger yachts here in the LBC, Long Beach CA. Rainbow Lagoon, thats another story, rainbows galore). Could they be coming frugal, for them> OPractical LOL? I dont think so, guess his tstock amrket portfolios busted.

The art world is about servicing the needs(desires) of the rich. Irrelevant as creative art. Will go into the footnotes of history like Gerome and Meisonier. Though in our decadent times, they have made a comeback. Dont do they were? Damn, what DO they teach in "art" schools. The Hirst and Koons of the alte 19th century, another decadent time, where Europe stoped growing and imploded in WWI. History is needed to be an artist, one must know where we have come from, to know who we are.

As much history as humanly possible, art, politics, economics, agriculture, technology, archetitecture, war(part of politics), weather.
This is my field. History. None can be sepearated it is a cobweb, not linear, but interconnected and not separte, they are all one. Humanity. Learn or be doomed to repeat it. Human desires and foilibles dont change. Arrogance and ignorance abound. Left and right.

The era of excess is over, but taking time for us to realize it, in denial. time to get back to basics. What we NEED, not want. We must know US, individually we are nothing. This boat is vanity. calling attention to itself, the owner need for attention. children. time to grow up. time to get to work.

josephbolstad said...

I don't think he went overboard enough. I'm disappointed.

Julie Gartland said...

I do like the design - it has a lot of movement but if I had a yacht (like that would ever happen) I would not want it to look like that. It is too loud and obnoxious.