Friday, September 19, 2008

Art Blog Buzz

Buzz from the art side of the blogosphere:

Art Fag City
The Art Fag City blog featured several exhibit reviews this week. Including Paddy Johnson’s insight into the wrongness of the Ron Amstuz installation titled Right Roads and Wrong Ways and the idea that maybe Rita Ackerman is stuck with her exhibit at Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Rita Ackerman, Installation View, Don’t Give Me Salad (Nurses), Image via: Andrea Rosen Gallery

Edward Winkleman Blog
Edward Winkleman’s blog experienced a wave of political and social commentary this week-- more so than usual in my opinion. Including an inside look at the politics behind Yevgeniy Fiks work and the effects of global warming on art making and collecting.
You can't make this stuff up folks!
Art News Blog
There are a few topics of interest on Art News Blog from this week. Including a topic about Being an Artist featuring excerpts from Australian artist Hazel Dooney’s personal journal as well as an entry about an artist that is just a little bit private about his work.
Modern Art Notes
Tyler Green’s Modern Art Notes gives us the real story of the week


Anonymous said...

I didnt realize vaginas were so popular Brian. I'm almost tempted to do a weekly series on

Thanks for the shoutout.



Balhatain said...

Dian, his work is crazy on so many levels. I wonder how safe the practice is? The journal entries you posted were great as well. I wish more artists offered aspects of who they are aside from what is offered in their work. Stuff like that makes for an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Winkleman deleted me again, because I am the Bull in the china shop, throwing me head in all directions, shattering the precious delusions of left and right. As all Taureans should. of the earth, not mans greed and selfishness, but of flesh and blood, and when correct(sometimes), power.

Hope you dont mind too much my pin pricks, as in the flesh I am affable enough, but just as vocal about what i see, if not more so. Usually just shake my head in astonished sadness. Those like winkleman are just too thin skinned, as they have not experienced life, and hold desperately to their brittle beliefs. And lets not even mention George at his modern site. LOL!

Glad you three got together, you are needed now, things are truly changing, how is up in the air and all need to contribute, as its is WE that counts, not I. And only by working together can succeed. How? Thats part of the exhiliration of life, even in dangerous times. Art IS needed again, now.