Thursday, February 07, 2008

Premium Selection: Introduction

Starting Monday I plan to post the url for a select group of Premium members. I will post a new group each Monday from that point on. Readers of the blog can comment on the work and learn a little about the myartspace community as a whole. If there is enough interest I will make a daily Premium Selection post.

When possible I will post a flash gallery for each respected artist and their statement. Premium members have the option of creating html and flash galleries. If a statement is not available I will post some brief information that is provided on the artists account. Today I will post a teaser of sorts by introducing the readership to a few artists who are part of the community.

NOTE: If at some point a gallery does not play it most likely means that the artist has deleted the gallery. If that is the case, click on the link below the gallery to go to the artists profile on where you can view their active galleries. ALSO, galleries may contain music... in order to stop the gallery simply refresh your screen... unless you like to be hit with a barrage of music from several active galleries-- some of us do. :P

"People often think I am trying to be offensive with my Islamic based art. This is a huge misconception as I am Muslim myself and would not want to offend my own faith. The work is about the distorted view many Muslims have of their faith and culture and what makes a 'good' Muslim - especially in a western society." --Sarah Maple

Lois Foley was a highly accomplished and prolifiic artist. She painted for over 50 years. Her work was shown and admired around the world. Lois Foley is deceased.

"My work is an expression of personal experiences that have had devastated, antagonized, and encouraged me.I am fascinated by simple yet beautiful forms, especially those found in nature.The use of abstracted forms allows the viewer to connect with the work without preconceptions. By abstracting a simple shape, I am able to create complexity through color, texture and light. I want to continue to portray interesting, passionate, disquieting, and beautiful moments of human life." --Christine Hilbert

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