Friday, February 01, 2008

Myartspace site update

We've been busy building new features and capabilities into and we wanted to update you on some of the changes. Next week we'll be introducing some long overdue changes to the "Favorites" capability in myartspace so you can share your "playlist" or art with others. Myartspace offers free accounts as well as Premium accounts. The following is some info on the Premium accounts.

Premium Subscribers-- We wanted to let you know that all of the features promised in the premium subscription are now all up and operating. We recently added a premium subscriber page, social bookmarking capabilities, press release capability, event posting capability and evites to our capabilities.

The Premium Subscriber Artist Page-- From the home page of myartspace, clicking on the "Artist" label at the top brings up the first screen of featured artists. In the upper left corner of the screen you can see "View All Artists Premium". By clicking on the Premium you can locate our premium subscription members quickly and easily. This request was made by a number of collectors on the site.

Social Bookmarking Capability-- Added Social bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize and share web pages. For premium users, a social bookmarking capability can be added to the personal profile page so that others can quickly and easily mark your page in Digg,, Facebook Share, Twitter, Stumble Upon and many others. Artists that are serious about getting their work viewed and recogized on the Internet realize they have to avail their web address to millions of prospective viewers. The social bookmark is a simple and powerful way of doing this.

Event Posting-- Premium subscribers can post to their personal profile page upcoming events for others to be able to monitor. The events can be for an upcoming solo or group show, for an exhibition at a local gallery, or any upcoming topic of interest. The location can be added and Google Maps will bring up a map of the precise location. Of course, if the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN pick up the event, then it will be available to a substantially larger number of people.

Evite Capability-- eVites are quick and easy to make for premium subscribers. When an artist posts an event, he has an option to create a corresponding eVite, or electronic invitation that can be sent out to your network or beyond. Artists can select a piece of art from their image library to include in the eVite
Signing up for premium services is quick and easy. Currently, you can sign up for premium services for $50/year. In July, this figure will rise to our normal price of $75/year. In addition to the features above, you get a personal web address on myartspace, the advanced personal profile, the ability to add video and music to your personal profile page, an alternative HTML gallery template to show your work, the ability to order and reorder you galleries, portfolios and images, and a catalog/eBook capability for your work.

Our next major capability for the myartspace community is The New York Art Exchange, a very contemporary way for artists to sell their art on the web. We will keep you all informed as we move closer to rolling this capability into production.

Kind Regards,

Brian Skiba

CatMacArt Corporation

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