Monday, February 11, 2008

Premium Selection: Derek Ogbourne, Brian Hoover, and William Brovelli

Here are a few Premium members of note for this week. I will post a select group of artists each Monday. Feel free to leave comments for these artists.

Critics have noted that there is no room for comfort in the work that Derek Ogbourne has created. Derek captures the sadness of mortality and the fragility of our existence within the context of his work. He explores our collective fears and weaknesses by creating scenarios that are at times alarming-- scenarios that are charged with a darkly surreal energy that captures our morbid fascinations. Derek is represented by Carter Presents and Galerie Brigitte Schenk.

"Ultimately, I would like people to respond the same way I do to many early Christian works - not for religious reasons, but for the fact that they were often strange, unworldly, powerful and even fearsome objects of reverence. I appropriate imagery from the ancient past to popular culture and combine it with dream imagery. I then endeavor to create a sense of myth and magic in the hope that I may create my own objects of reverence." -- Brian Hoover

"The work is centered in exploring the possibilities that arise from mass production on an individual level and its accumulative results as well as the philosophical implications of choice, volition, and controll vs. chaos." -- William Brovelli

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