Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Embedding Galleries into your personal website/myspace

myartspace galleries were designed to be "embedded objects" in techical terms. Very much like a YouTube video, they can be inserted into HTML code. There are some compatibility issues that arise when you use an embedded object versus a simple URL link to your gallery, but it certain offers a neat alternative.

For a PDF with detailed instructions click here

One thing to note is that the upcoming "artist stores" will also be embedded objects. This means that artists can design their stores much like they do their galleries today, and include that store right inside their personal website all by copy & paste.

Good luck!


Redreamer said...

pent a lot of time here how this place has grown,.... it is a LOT more comprehensive now...... i am impressed! Keep up the good work there are many who are noticing....

Balhatain said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. Brian E. Skiba (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer for and Luke Aleckson (Vice President of Business Development for are both very talented at what they do. Catherine McCormack-Skiba (Co-founder and Creative Director) is wonderful to work with.

Having been a member of several online art communities I can honestly say that is going places that no other art site has gone before.