Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Attaching Videos to myartspace galleries

myartspace was designed to allow the users to upload an unlimited number of images, music and video to create a comprehensive perpective on the artists.

Attaching a video to a gallery is easy to do, and we have provided a pdf document that you can access to go over the 5 quick steps to adding video. Currently we support the following formats: FLV (Flash movie file), AVI (Windows), WMV (Windows Movie File), MPEG and MPEG4. We do NOT support Apple MOV files yet. If your video file is NOT an FLV file, it may take 15 mniutes for the myartspace server to convert it to FLV format internally for quicker playback.

Below you can see what a gallery is like when it has a video associated with it. In the upper right side you will see an icon indicating a video is available to play.

To see this gallery in myartspace, click here

To read the two-page PDF document about of how attach video, click here

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