Monday, April 16, 2007

Art Space News: Tracey Emin Unveils Cryptic Flag

Tracey Emin has unveiled one of her latest works- a large flag featuring a cryptic message painted against a backdrop of swimming sperm. Tracey Emin is no stranger to creating and displaying work that is considered controversial. Some critics have suggested that she has built her career on controversy. It comes as no surprise that this new piece is causing a stir.

Emin, 43, wrote "One Secret is to Save Everything" on the flag in red letters. She has stated that the artwork is "a flag made from wishful thinking" though it is not clear what the meaning of the piece is. This dash of mystery has crowds flocking to the piece in order to find out what exactly it is about.

The 21' by 14' flag will fly above the Jubilee Gardens in the British capital until July 31. There has been some public outcry since the parliament building and the London Eye are in the same vicinity as the flag. Some sources have speculated that the piece will be removed before July 31 due to civic unrest.

Emin has used flags in her past work. Her 1999 Turner Prize show included No Chance (1999)- a fabric image of the Union flag alongside stitched protest statements. It is obvious that this new piece is a protest as well- however, we will not know until Emin speaks.

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Anonymous said...

Well according to Hayward Gallery director Ralph Rugoff this is an example of her "precise sense of paradox and ambiguity in subverting what might be a reassuring formula for happiness". Art bollox; Naive John is allergic to it.

Me, I think it's a deliberately empty statement which allows people of a certain predisposition to claim all kinds of qualities that are not actually present in the 'flag' itself. The usual Emin trick. If I saw it scrolled on a wall as graffitti I'd have to say 'is that the best you could come up with?'

Naive John