Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Art Space Talk Quotes #4

Here is another group of artist quotes taken from the Art Space Talk series of interviews that I have conducted. This group of quotes deals with the art world-- in general. You can read the Art Space Talk series of interviews by visiting, Enjoy.

Concerning the art world:

“As I have spent more time in Rhode Island and gotten older, opportunities have come my way less easily. Out of sight, out of mind really applies to the art world. Lots of people whose opinions I value know and respect my work but younger dealers tend to show younger artists only naturally. We are all aware how hard it gets for mid-career artists to be seen – even those doing their best work right now. So for the moment, I’d go along with what artist Nancy Shaver said during her visiting artist lecture at RISD this fall - "Art – like vegetables and politics – should be local and global."" -- Holly Hughes

“I like the art world today. I like Frieze and all that. I can remember when Art in London was shit. Its really exciting BUT I think artists should always aspire to an art that turns things upside down and not just participate. Its more important than ever that Matts Gallery, Peer, The Tates The Whitechapel etc... promote difficult art that is impossible to sell.” -- Bob Smith aka Bob & Roberta Smith / Bob and Roberta Smith (Formerly known as Patrick Brill)

“For the last 50 years or so an artist could hardly paint anything representational with out it being looked down upon by the "Art World". In this past century, art ran a course to an extreme of minimalism and conceptualism and now things seem to be more inclusive." -- Mark Ryden

“The art world is mature and can take care of itself. It definitely doesn't need my policing. All I can concentrate on is doing what's in front of me today.” -- Cleon Peterson

“I'm more focused on my world than the "art world" as some sort of entity. I suppose one thing I am noticing is that a lot of younger artists are scrambling to become famous without even finishing formal art training.” -- Vasily Kafanov

“The gender equality in the art world in short, SUCKS. There are so many galleries that have one or two women out of a roster of twenty artists. No one feels the need to explain or defend this, the arrogance is monumental. I suppose women are left to assume that we are just crappy artists, when in fact a lot of this is driven by the fact that collectors think men’s art appreciates in value at a higher rate. This is all about the MONEY. I didn’t sign up for this as an artist. I’m still kind of stunned by the hedge fund mentality of the art world. Everyone’s waiting for the whole thing to collapse, and collapse it will.” -- Nancy Baker

"I love the art world. Especially when my work seems to be fitting in or at least part of the conversation. I hate the art world. Especially when my work seems not to be fitting in or be part of the conversation." -- Ken Fandell

“Have you ever heard of the saying "one can never be famous enough"? I took that saying to heart many years ago and it freed me up from being caught up in the art world. Being an artist has to be about doing the best work I can because that is all I really have and that’s the big equalizer among all artists. I think artists begin to lose sight of their work when they take themselves too seriously as personalities.” -- Anne Neely

"I decided to take part in the spectacle and entered it at the shallow end." -- Mark McGowan

“I have always had a strong belief in the power of my own work, but have been so disheartened by the art world that I often thought I would quit showing. I knew I could never stop making, however: at those moments, I remembered the Audrey Flack quote: "If the Art World is making you crazy, give up the art world, but don’t give up art."" -- Kate Kretz

Feel free to comment about any of the quotes listed above. Can you relate to their words? Do you take a different position? You can read the Art Space Talk series of interviews by visiting, Enjoy.

Take care, Stay true,

Brian Sherwin
Senior Editor
New York Art Exchange

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Edward Torres said...

What great feelings these people have expressed. I have to say that as a Creator, I can't & shouldn't worry about how my Fotoz "FIT IN". I just have to shot & give quality like someone said above. But most of all, make sure the work touches me Alwayz. There will be someone who is touched by also. I think those kindz of worries show & make the Artist seem strange. Make them seem false. Its something I can't blame the world for. Blame them for this View. Stay Inspired like the Gap ad. funny but its True.