Thursday, March 05, 2009

Social Art Site Has Offline Presence: opens NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA

Eighteen members of the community were represented digitally during the opening of the NYAXE Gallery. Six were physically represented at the gallery.

The grand opening of the NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA on February 26th was a great success. The exhibit opened at 6pm and was met with a steady flow of visitors. Art collectors and other attendees observed artwork by 24 members of the community. The exhibit space was filled with good conversation, exquisite music, and powerful works of contemporary art. The event was a meshing between the physical and online art world.

Steve Benjamin entertained NYAXE Gallery visitors.

The represented members were chosen from a selective-- ongoing --competition that allows members of the community to compete for NYAXE Gallery representation.

Visitors enjoy viewing art at the NYAXE Gallery opening.

The NYAXE Gallery, located at 818 Emerson St. in Palo Alto, also featured two guest artists from the community. Lucy May -- the first place winner of the 2008 graduate art scholarship competition, and Sarah Sisun -- first place winner of the 2008 undergraduate art scholarship competition. You can learn more about the 2008 art scholarship winners, which involved $16,000 in cash scholarships, by visiting,

The opening exhibit also featured art by the late Lois Foley . Mrs. Foley is the mother of Catherine McCormack-Skiba and has served as a constant source of inspiration for the development of the myartspace community. Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the CEO, founder and Creative Director of, was on hand to meet visitors.
Collectors gathering at the bar…

The opening of the NYAXE Gallery in Palo Alto, CA marks as one of only a few social art sites to have a physical presence in the form of a brick & mortar gallery-- as well as the only online art community to have a physical gallery presence in the heart of Silicon Valley. The NYAXE Gallery places members art within reach of some of the most powerful-- and wealthy-- professionals in the United States. is the leading online social network for the contemporary art world. Dubbed "the biggest network you never heard of" The Next Web, the site continues to experience dramatic reception by the art community. myartspace was the first site to offer compelling, integrated presentation technology -- the ability to blend images of art, music, video and audio narration all online. The company also distinguishes itself by being a free and open community with unlimited upload of images, videos and music.
Catherine McCormack-Skiba, Founder and CEO of myartspace, notes "It's very exciting to energize the creative spirit in Silicon Valley with world-class contemporary art. The blend of the technology innovation center of the world, and compelling art is very inspiring".

The NYAXE Gallery involves an ongoing competition that allows members of the community to submit work for gallery representation consideration. The competition is free for Premium members to enter. For more info visit,

Catherine McCormack-Skiba, the CEO, founder and Creative Director of, was on hand to meet visitors.

You can learn more about Premium membership on by visiting the following page, You can learn more about the current represented artists by visiting,

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Brian Sherwin
Senior Editor
New York Art Exchange


Anonymous said...

I love that you guys have done this. You are doing for the US what Saatchi did for the UK with online art.

Kirk said...

Great job! I appreciate your inclusion of my photographs digitally in your opening.

Carole d'Inverno said...

good job and a great idea to have a physical space for the winners!
Carole d'Inverno