Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buy Art and Sell Art Online: The New York Art Exchange (NYAXE)

www.nyaxe.com connects art buyers to art sellers.
The New York Art Exchange (NYAXE) continues to grow as new features are implemented. The New York Art Exchange, an online marketplace for buying and selling contemporary fine art, enables the art community to capitalize on new digital mediums through technology by connecting artists, gallerists and collectors via the World Wide Web. NYAXE is brought to you by www.myartspace.com, the premier networking site for artists, art collectors, gallerists and other involved in the global arts community. With over 50,000 members myartspace is a concentrated social art site for the art world.

NYAXE connects collectors, artists and gallerists together, allowing buyers to quickly search through thousands of works of fine art on the site and navigate through numerous curated pieces of works. Gallerists and artists can create a personal and customized branded online gallery storefront to begin selling on the NYAXE marketplace. Storefronts can be organized into categories such as watercolors, original works, sculptures, to make it easy for art collectors to find what they are looking for.
Create a NYAXE storefront and sell your art, photography, and fashion to the world. Mark Enger’s store on the New York Art Exchange -- www.nyaxe.com/MarkE

Currently there are five different levels to choose from in building a NYAXE gallery storefront. A basic storefront is free for the first five listings, and each level provides more advanced features and marketing capabilities and cost effective pricing structures. The various tiers of service are designed to enable artists and gallerists to try their hand at ecommerce to build a basic store at a low cost. Artists and gallerists subsequently can upgrade to higher tiers if they wish to expand their offerings. NYAXE is a an affordable solution for exploring what eCommerce has to offer.

The New York Art Exchange (NYAXE) was officially launched on December 2nd at the Bridge Art Fair in Miami. Catherine McCormack-Skiba, CEO and founder of NYAXE, stated, "It's been my vision for years to make great art accessible to a broader audience through technology and the internet. I'm excited that we can empower gallerists and artists to expand the awareness of their fine art and help them connect with a new audience of buyers on a global level."

Browse the New York Art Exchange
Buying and selling art on the New York Art Exchange is easy. Browse NYAXE stores quickly. Browse by medium or by category. Use ‘Jump to page’ to go to specific browse pages or simply view each page one page at a time. Use the NYAXE search field to search by artist name, tag, location, medium, style or price. Sort by Featured stores, date added, and price.
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