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Basic Advice for Promoting Your Art Online

Basic Advice for Promoting Your Art Online

It is important for an artist to think like an online entrepreneur when it comes to promoting his or her art online. One must be relentless if he or she desires to be successful selling art online. Thus, it is important to devote time to online promotion. In the past I have discussed several effective ways to promote art online. Below are some of the topics that have been discussed on the Myartspace Blog in the past. This list is in no way complete, but it may be helpful to artists who are new to promoting their art online. Feel free to comment with any advice that you have.

Join social art sites -- Joining social art networks, such as , is an effective way to promote your art online. A successful social art site will normally have a high traffic ranking-- which can potentially bring traffic to your personal website if you have it listed on your social art site profile.

These online art communities are different than mere art registries due to the fact that they utilize aspects of social networking-- such as the ability to leave comments-- and often involve an onsite messaging system so that users can communicate with each other on the site. This form of interaction can be vital as far as promoting your art is concerned.

Social art sites can be very useful if you are selling art online. Most social art networks offer an eCommerce platform. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of social art networks to choose from. Each site will offer different opportunities. However, some social art sites have limitations compared to others. For example, currently sets a limit as to how many images a free user of the site can upload per month-- in order to have unlimited uploading capability on Artwanted you must become a Premium user. Other social art sites, like, offer unlimited uploading to free users.

It is also important to remember that some social art sites have a general community theme. For example, tends to promote fan art-- art involving characters from popular cartoons, movies, and graphic novels-- so it may not be the best site to promote yourself on if you are a fine artist. It is also important to remember that the level of professionalism varies from one site to another. Some social art sites cater to young teens while others are designed for career-oriented adults.

Join social networking sites in general -- Joining social networking sites like and can be an effective way to promote your art online. Most of the top social networking sites allow you to create groups and fan pages. Thus, you may consider creating a group for your art along with a fan page.

The interaction you have on social networking sites can potentially introduce your art to individuals who may not frequent social art sites. In other words, by being active on sites like Facebook and Myspace you may open doors to potential buyers who you would not have met otherwise. You may also meet curators and members of the press who can give you advice.

Establish a newsletter (e-Letter) -- Establishing a newsletter is a very effective way to promote your art online. Companies promote their products and keep a steady flow of traffic coming to their website by utilizing this tactic. The business-minded artist should take advantage of this marketing strategy by adding interested individuals to his or her newsletter or by offering a way for individuals to subscribe to the newsletter if they desire.

There are three things to remember when establishing a newsletter. 1.) Regulate how often you send updates-- you don’t want to annoy your subscribers by flooding their inbox. 2.) Remember to offer a way for subscribers to unsubscribe if they desire-- work within the law. 3.) Stay on topic. The newsletter is about your art... not the movie you watched last week.

Create an art blog -- Maintaining an art blog that is focused on your practice is an effective way to promote your art online. As I have mentioned on the Myartspace Blog in the past, Blogger and Wordpress are two good options to consider if you decide to create a blog for your art. It is important to post regularly if you decide to take this route for promoting your art online. Strive to post at least two entries per week-- if possible try to post daily.

Maintaining an active blog can be a great way to increase the traffic ranking of your personal website and art social network profiles that you maintain. Using sites like can help you to spread your blog across the World Wide Web like wildfire. You may also consider using social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace to further exposure for your blog. is also a good option to consider.

My advice is to keep your art blog focused on art. Write about your art practice, post images of works in progress, post press releases for any exhibit that you are involved with, and write about issues that concern you within the context of the art world. Remember that writing about fellow artists can be helpful as well-- they may even decide to write about you.

Utilize social bookmarking -- There is a reason why most websites offer social bookmarking tabs-- it is an effective way to promote the site and is also an effective way for site users to promote their interests. This is important for an artist who desires to promote his or her art online. By utilizing social bookmarking you can increase traffic to images of art that you have uploaded or increase the flow of traffic to your art blog. The possibilities are only limited by how active or inactive you are in promoting your art online.

Participate in art forum discussions -- Participating in art forum discussions can be a very effective way of promoting your art. There are many online forums that focus on art. is a prime example. You will also find art forums on social networking sites such as Myspace. Many online art communities have forums as well. Some art forums focus on specific themes or forms of art-- the forum on is a good example.

Remember to take advantage of your art forum participation. An effective way to drive traffic to your personal website or art profile is to include a link to those respected sites in your forum signature. In other words, each comment that you leave increases exposure for your art online. You never know who may discover your website while visiting the forum.

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