Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Damien Hirst Lowers Prices and Slams a Price Tag on Pants

From "Show me the Money!" to "Let's make a deal!"
Damien Hirst has been shaking the foundation of the mainstream artworld more than usual as of late. First he bypassed his dealers in order to sell at auction-- breaking auction records along the way. Then he returned to one of his first dealers while keeping other dealers on the fence, so to speak. Now, with an artworld recession lurking in the background, he is openly stating that the market for his work and the art market in general is over-priced.
There is a bit of irony to his statements considering that critics of Hirst have long stated the same about the artist who has fetched millions for his work with relative ease. The artist, businessman, and entrepreneur is now looking forward to selling his work for affordable rates within the context of recent global economic woes-- reducing the price of some works by half. Hirst has also said that he is looking at more realistic prices in general, "If I want to sell new work, I'll price it lower. If people have got less money, you can either just shut your door and say, 'Screw everybody', or I can wait until everyone can afford my work or price it cheaper."
The Damien Hirst X Levi’s® collection
Do you need an example of how committed Damien Hirst is to his recent statements? Look to his association with Levi’s Jeans for the answer. The artist is working with Levi’s Jeans in order to produce a limited edition collection of clothing featuring themes that are common in his art. According to Art News Blog the prices will start at £55 for tees and £150 for jeans. When asked about the difference between expressing himself in art versus fashion Hirst replied, “I don’t see a difference really, anything done well is art, but this way a lot of people get to own my stuff and in a not too precious way.” It will be interesting to observe how Hirst utilizes the internet for his new ventures. He has a history of exploring eCommerce.
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Anonymous said...

And I thought Oakland Raider gear was overpriced, which theya re considering how much they have sucked altely.

Really, this skull thing by Hirst is so weak, we have dozens of better examples, from Mexican Day of the dead to Raider gear. His color and painting skills are nonexistent, he realy, really, really sucks. Marketing, the English getting better at it, as they lose their ability for humor, really quite dull these days. Self importance and narcissistic obsessions with appearances does that.

Anonymous said...

Even with his head wedged neatly up his rectum Damien Hirst remains audible. Now that is to be admired.

Anonymous said...

hola Damien Hirst, no hagas nada de lo que te puedas arrepentir en tu brillante, rebelde y creativa carrera, si necesitas dinero llamame, un saludo

Anonymous said...

These days everyone can be a star regardless of talent. The trick is to gain that spot light to be able to promote yourself. Hirst is far better in doing that than in creating original art. I hope that the world wide recession will wake up people and get them to be more critical of art and and it's value.

paul said...

Yeah, what the heck how did this DH trend start and when will it stop For the love of Art!

Anonymous said...

I hope DH stars in a new Real Time Video, while he is eaten alive by sharks in a plexiglass tank. As we all throw zirconium to add to the glitter. Then it could air to save the Dolphins .As we clutch our rubber duckies.