Monday, February 15, 2010

What is the MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship?

What is the Scholarship? is the premier online venue for the contemporary fine art world. The community includes established, emerging and aspiring artists, collectors, curators, teachers, galleries, patrons and art lovers.

The MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship

Both Undergraduate and Graduate winners receive:

1st Place $5,000

2nd Place $2,000

3rd Place $1,000

The annual MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship, now in its third year, awards $16,000 in cash and online representation to six selected artists currently matriculated in either an Undergraduate or Graduate university degree program for visual art. The scholarship is open to students worldwide.

The MYARTSPACE Art scholarship committee gives international university art students an opportunity that is unparalleled in today's art scene. Awards are based on artistic merit, with considerations for inspired originality and dedication to articulating their message.

The MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship encourages artists to apply from any geographic location as well as any economic, cultural and identity background. The 2009 MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship attracted submissions from more than 3,000 art programs in over 75 countries. The website lends itself to a rich and diverse collection of international talent. The website is a free and open community based on access to the internet where students can freely display their work. This site provides a means in which artists can reach out to millions of art appreciators every day. It also provides ongoing opportunities, including the MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship, competitions juried by world class curators, networking, powerful tools for visual presentation and a platform for a professional experience. community is a free web-based community that give artists a place to show their work without gallery fees. Art lovers everywhere are able to see art with ease, comfort and accessibility. The web offers a powerful freeway to access the MYARTSPACE platform where anyone can browse through unlimited selected and open reservoirs of some of the most brilliant, current contemporary art. Because of this freedom of access for web users, artists do not feel bound to traditional industry constraints imposed by the gallery and museum structures.

The twenty-first-century's art movement is about the use of technology. Artist are now free to leverage powerful technological tools through the internet and use unbridled creative energy to reach an unlimited audience with their message. is a place where freedom of expression truly begins. is one of the largest fine art communities with over 100,000 members in over 125 countries.

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