Friday, December 11, 2009

Emerson Gallery Opening December 10, 2009

Palo Alto, CA. December 10, 2009 -- MYARTSPACE opened the doors to it's Emerson Gallery location one last time to showcase winners of the NYAXE Gallery Competition. It was a festive evening with great art and lively chatter among old friends and new.

Curator, Nigel, and CEO/Founder Catherine McCormack-Skiba lined the walls with works from the 4 top winners of the competition: Carrie M. Becker, Viviane Vives, Lucio Carvalho, and Pau Guerrero-Prado. 18 more distinguished runners-up had their works displayed digitally accross a wide-screen, HD video platform.

A crowd of local artists, curators, and art lovers were officially welcomed to the exhibit by Carrie M. Becker’s series "Abandoned Farmhouses of mid-Kansas". Abandoned, but not forgotten, through Becker's lense solace and refuge are found amid the rural decay. In addition to her talents with a camera, Becker is working toward an MFA in sculpture.

Alongside Becker were original prints from Viviane Vive’s "Teen Suburbia" collection. Vive's captures the too-cool-for-school attitudes of her female models with a fresh, cinamatic style. Vive's is originally from Barcelona, but speaks five languages has lived all over the world supporting herself as actress/writer/director.

Lucio Carvalho stunned visitors with vibrant photographs of exploding assemblages. For Carvalho, household trinkets and compost scraps translate into something fantastic! Carvalho is a Brazilian artist, fashion designer, and publicity art director with a degree in Industrial Design.

Pau Guerrero-Prado toped off the evening with a selection from his sequence "Sonai" in which a woman poses with a peacock. Guerrero-Prado's subject, composition, and use of light are all exquisite, so it's no surprise his works were a popular topic of discussion.

Art on the video platform also drew a lot of attention. We were proud to represent finalists Michelle Rogers, Eric White, James Shefik, Steven White, Benjamin Eric, Tra Bouscaren, Douglas A Kinsey, Laura Greengold, Olan Montegomery, Michael Maier, Natalia Bazowska, Heejea Namgung, Hijo Nam, Meryl Pataky, Daniel John Gadd, Alma Leiva, Judy Csotsits, and Tamara Hervera.

To learn more about these artists and to see galleries of their works, visit the winners page on our website:

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