Monday, October 19, 2009

New 1st and 3rd Place Winners for NYAXE Competition

We, at myartspace, are dedicated to increasing the accessibility of art. We are striving to liberate and empower artists so that they may create artwork that challenges us to look at our world in new ways.

In order to fulfill this vision, we support the laws and conventions for protecting the intellectual property of artists. It was recently called to our attention that we had selected two pieces of art for our latest NYAXE Competition that did not credit nor have due permission from the original creators.

Our thoughts on the debate over what constitutes Fair Use was just covered in our last blog post (October 17, Shepard Fairey), and we will not revisit it for now.

However, we did feel compelled to announce 2 new, outstanding 1st and 3rd place winners for our NYAXE Competition. They are:

Penelope Caldwell, 1st Place

Kimia Ferdowsi, 3rd Place

We thank all of the contest participants, as we are thrilled by the quality, audacity, and authenticity of the thousands of submissions we had received. You are gifted creators who deserve recognition and respect for your art.

Penelope Caldwell

Kimia Ferdowsi

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