Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Re-ordering the Sequence of Images using the Gallery Wizard

Human nature is that if a person sees something they like, they look further.

When you construct your online galleries to present your work, you should consider that fact. Your very best work should be presented first in a gallery, as this will likely cause the viewer to look deeper into your work. If they lose interest by the first few images, then they may very well move on, without seeing your best image.

At times, with visual presentation, order matters as well. So the sequence in which your work is viewed is important.

Premium Service members have "drag-and-drop" capability to re-order images within a portfolio/gallery. Standard users, however, can re-order images with the use of the Gallery Wizard. The steps are pretty stright forward.

(1) Log into myartspace and go to the "My Account" page

(2) Click on "Gallery Wizard" which you will find towards the center of the page

(3) Enter a name for a new gallery, perhaps "Miami 2009"

(4) On the next screen, you will have a prompt to upload your first image. If you click on "Browse Library..." you will see all the images you have uploaded. Select the first image you want the jury to see. Remember, the Gallery Wizard builds a gallery in the order it is given images, from left-to-right.

(5) Click on "Upload Next" image and repeat the process until you are done, then you can click on "Finish" and either add music or not.

That's it! Your new gallery will be in the order you wanted. If you choose, you can delete the old gallery so as not to confuse the viewers.

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